Dave Campbell
Pastor Dave Campbell has served Buck Grove since October 1994. Dave’s desire is to see people come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and to live out daily the implications of the Gospel. “What the world needs is for Christians to be authentic in their faith, living by God’s grace and for His glory.” He is grateful for the opportunity to serve as the pastor of this loving fellowship of believers.
Luke Hamlin
Youth & Children’s
Music Minister

Daniel Spiegel
Daniel James Spiegel has been Buck Grove’s church pianist since October of 2007. He is from Louisville, although he grew up in Brazil as a Missionary Kid. He is married to Sarah Spiegel, and has a 9-year old daughter, Sophia. Daniel has additionally been endorsed by BGBC to study at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in an M.Div. program, and has also been supported to participate in the Army Chaplain Candidate program.
Shelley Henson
Shelley Henson has been Buck Grove’s secretary since April 2017.  She is married and has four children.  Shelley was raised in Illinois but has lived all around the world as an Army spouse.  Shelley has a deep desire to serve, both within the church and in the community.  She volunteers in support of numerous organizations in Meade County.